Working with us / Delivery & Installation

We carry out the vast majority of cabinet and built-in furniture manufacturing in our Vernier workshop, which customers are welcome to visit at any time. The only on-site job is to adjust the parts that are tailored to the base, sides and top. All of our cutting tools are connected to the latest suction technology to keep your home as clean and dust-free as possible, but it’s ideal if you have a covered outdoor area where we can do the on-site work.

Some other projects require more on-site fabrication, such as doors, windows, stairs, and finishing work that require on-site adjustment and adaptation. The requirements and terms of the projects are always discussed and agreed in advance with the clients.

Outdoor work such as decks are usually 100% done on a customer site and can last several weeks. For this type of work, we will generally build an outdoor work area depending on the size of the project and the space available.